At that time…the two disciples heard Him speak: and they followed Jesus. And Jesus turning and seeing them following Him, saith to them: What seek you?
Who said to Him: Rabbi (which is to say, being interpreted, Master), where dwellest Thou?
He saith to them: Come and see.
They came and saw where He abode: and they stayed with Him that day.
–John 1:37-39

Welcome to St. Thomas Becket Roman Catholic Church. Located in the small town of Veneta, Oregon we provide the traditional Latin Mass and assist the traditional practice of the Holy Catholic Faith for the residents of the city of Eugene and the western Oregon area.

Saint Thomas Becket Roman Catholic Church is a mission Church,
Priory, and Academy working for the salvation of souls.
Only the traditional Catholic Liturgy and Sacraments are offered according
to the rites universally in use before Vatican Council II.